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Google: Year in search 2018

As you close the chapter on 2018, it’s important to remember, “The past cannot be changed. The future is yet in your power.” (Unknown). In this video, Google showcases the searches that shaped 2018.

2018 Budget: The winners and losers

As a result of the proposed measures that have come out of Treasurer Scott Morrison's 2018-19 Federal Budget, ABC News discusses the potential winners and losers.

2018 Budget: PwC and the ‘Slurpee’ budget

PwC Australia Economic Lead Partner Jeremy Thorpe shares his insights on this year’s Federal Budget. Front and centre is the Government’s spending and budget surplus forecasts – a potential ‘Slurpee’ budget.

Personal finance journey: The musical

As you progress through life, the many different areas of your personal finances will be leveraged to help you reach your financial goals and objectives. When these areas are appropriately managed, and work in harmony with one another, it can be ‘poetry in motion’. Watch this video to see what we mean.

Making the most of your tax refund

How Australians choose to spend their tax refund can vary considerably. In this animation, we provide a number of helpful spending suggestions that could help you make the most of your tax refund.

IPA's View on the 2017 Budget

In this video, Institute of Public Accountants CEO Andrew Conway outlines the IPA's view on the major outcomes of the 2017-18 Federal Budget.

Sandra Sully's Budget Overview

In this video, Sandra Sully and Hugh Riminton discuss several of the proposed measures within the 2017-18 Federal Budget.

What is negative gearing?

Negative gearing is a wealth accumulation strategy that often also aims to minimise tax. In this animation, we demonstrate what negative gearing is and several of the important considerations around utilising this strategy for wealth creation.

Salary Sacrifice

Salary sacrificing is a term that many of us have heard, but what does it actually mean and how can we benefit from its use? In our animation we consider the tax-effective and wealth accumulation benefits of entering into a salary sacrifice arrangement with your employer.

Building your team: Financial adviser

Synergy refers to the creation of a whole that is greater than the simple sum of its parts. In this animation, we explore how building your own personal finance team, and then directing them towards a specific goal or objective, can help you reach financial empowerment.

Inside the mind of a master procrastinator

Do you sometimes get side-tracked when on the path to completing a personal or work task before its deadline? For some people procrastination can also play a part in how they approach their personal finances. We hope you enjoy this funny and insightful talk.

An end of financial year checklist for SMSFs

Having a self-managed superfund comes with a range of responsibilities. In this video we explain the things SMSF trustees need to do at or around the end of each financial year.

Drawing down your super

For most people, access to super starts at or close to retirement, but in extreme circumstances you may be able to access your super sooner if you meet certain requirements. This video looks at the different options that you have to draw down your super and when earlier access may apply.

The IPA's view on the 2016 Australian Federal Budget

Institute of Public Accountants General Manager Technical Policy, Tony Greco outlines the IPA's view on the 2016 Australian Federal Budget.

Scott Morrison talks to ABC's 7.30

In this video Leigh Sales challenges Scott Morrison. Mr Morrison discusses the current deficit and what their plan is for the future economic growth for Australia.

Healthy Financial Habits for 2016

Time for a health check on your financial habits? Check out our video on what makes for healthy financial habits for a positive start to the new year. 

The 2015 Budget Summarised

This video summarises the main points of the 2015 Federal Budget.

David Speers talks to Joe Hockey on the 'Have a go Budget'

In this video David Speers talks to Joe Hockey about the 2015 ‘Have a go’ Federal Budget. 

Superannuation options nearing Retirement

If you are approaching retirement, or have reached your preservation age, you may be wondering what options you have for your superannuation monies. This animated video explains more.

Age Pension

There are many rules and regulations when it comes to working out whether you qualify for an Age Pension. This short animation explains some of them.

Get your Deductions Right

Tax time is always fun. Putting together the shoebox of information and gathering documentation for all of those important deductions. This video explains some rules.

Federal Budget 2014: Tough and unfair, it's business as usual

“Joe Hockey's 'contribute and build' budget can also be labelled the 'no pain, no gain' budget”, says Emma Griffiths, political correspondent for the ABC. Check out what else Griffiths has to say on the 2014/15 Federal Budget.

10 top time-saving tech tips

In this video there are a few useful tips to get the most out of your technology.

ABC - 2013 Federal Budget

The Federal Budget includes little in the way of surprises with the usual promise of big savings and big spending, though not this election year.

7 News - 2013 Federal Budget

Wayne Swan says the budget delivers a responsible plan to deliver jobs and growth.

What Pink Elephant?

Practical jokes are a great tonic to the seriousness that can swarm around us; however, money, finance, returns and taxation aren’t typically treated lightly, and rightly so, it is important to make the most of the money you earn and have accumulated.

A very entertaining reminder of the basics

Getting clear on what you want and staying focused on the steps needed to achieve your goals can be easier said than done, particularly given the amount of noise in our technologically rich society these days.

Can't stop the music

Like the evolution of music and dance, personal finance and world markets will continue to evolve and change. What’s more important than worrying about the change is ensuring your fundamentals are working for you.

Funny Interview...

Please watch this video right to the end. You will be rewarded! Whether you’re a fan of Ellen or not, or you don’t even know who Ellen is, this is an extremely funny interview with Accountant Keith Dickie.

Creative accounting

Whether you’re into your numbers or not, you’ll get a laugh out of this short and quick look at creative accounting.

Mum's life

A very clever video by a Mum who clearly knows the demands on being a Mum.

Longboarding: Let Go

Kyle Chin skates from top to bottom down a beautiful hill in Outerspace.

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